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Who We Are

This magazine, and our non-profit The Happiness Foundation, which wholly owns the magazine, helps people to be happier, live their best lives and helps them put what Apple’s Steve Jobs called their ‘ding in the universe’. How will you put your ‘ding’ in the universe today? You can put a ‘ding’ in our universe by subscribing, or donating, or advertising with us in our AMAZING little magazine - it makes a BIG difference! Subscribe, advertise, or donate! Be part of the Happiness Revolution!

The Happiness Foundation heals pasts and empowers futures for the greater good. We support children and young people, adults, families, businesses

Meet The Team


Happiness Magazine Editor/CEO

Success & Happiness Psychologist Kath Temple is frankly a bit of a Jedi. She is remaining very firmly the best side of Yoda however, less hairy for sure, and marginally better looking! Kath works internationally with people from all walks of life – from the homeless to celebrities, from GPs to CEO’s & Directors of Fortune 500 companies, and from Headteachers to parents and young people.

She believes you can always be happier, and always find a different level of success. There comes a time when we all seek significance and we all want to make our lives truly count.


Sales Manager

Sophie is our youngest and freshest team member. She is our front of house Sales Manager and makes sure us oldies aren’t too out of whack! Not only does she bring our average age down under 40 (yeehaa!) but she is a powerhouse of persuasion and a marketing genius. Don’t let her baby face fool you, she is the real deal – she is going places and taking Happiness Magazine with her.

Just out of university where she gained a degree in English Literature, Sophie uses her flair for language to edit and publicise Happiness Magazine as well as spearheading advertising campaigns. Our little Kindness Warrior does this role voluntarily alongside her marketing role for Hoseasons European Lodges and City Breaks. So not only does she spread a little sunshine in our lives but over Britain and Europe too.